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EST. 2010

Seeing is believing

Deeply influenced by the laws of visual art, we have embarked on delivering designs of the highest quality. We present to our viewers an artistic portrayal of the work of art. Our style of rendering the perfect expression of inner feelings and ideas gets manifested through our creative presentations. Try our creative skills to satisfy your need for the state-of-the-art web and learning solutions.

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Museum Exhibits

We develop a wide range of museum exhibits such as electronic interactive exhibits, dioramas, printed panels, models and more. We also provide software solutions for electronic exhibits. Working for science museums, digital exhibitions and shows all over the country and abroad, we deliver the top-notch experience to the visitors. We don't repeat exhibits like others; we make new ones.

Why Choose Us?

Low cost solutions

We want to see you hassle-free using our solutions. Thus, we offer solutions where the costs involved in development as well as maintenance are minimal.

Target Oriented

We strongly believe in commitment; hence targets form the base of our service. We are not only target oriented, but freak out on delivering our service before your deadline.

Innovative Ideas

In order to be innovative, we do not need to think ‘out of the box’; for us, the ‘box’ never existed! Innovation is what drives us in giving tangible shapes to the obscure ideas!

Elegant / Unique design

We translate your ideas into an elegant design form that represents your taste, class and most importantly your uniqueness!

Easy maintenance

With our solutions, you can relax when it comes to maintenance. Even after we have dispatched the product to you, we ensure that you never go berserk maintaining it!

Perfection is everything

Perfection is our identity and your signature. With us, be assured of perfection at every single level of our service.

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Interactive Solutions

Here we introduce ourselves as a team of enthusiastic individuals hailing from different spheres of life having one single aim: that of giving a new edge to user experience. Keeping pace with the fast technological advancement, we have embarked on taking user experience to a higher level! We cover a large array of interactive products, enabling you to choose the one that suits your purpose. Let us know how we can serve you.

01 Planning
Once we hear you, we carve out plans that align with your specifications.
02 Strategy
We devise strategies to offer customised solutions to you. When you visit us, you come to a boutique.
03 Development
It is the stage that gives shape to yout ideas and our plans.
04 Delivery
We deliver in two styles: on-site delivery with demo; delivery through cloud.

Web Solutions

Our area of work at iKnowHow encompasses custom website design and development (HTML5 & responsive websites). The laws of visual art influence us profoundly. We present to our viewers an artistic portrayal of the work of art and connect with our clients through our unique style of giving life to their expressions. We work on Dynamic Website Development such as Custom CMS, eCommerce, Online Galleries, Booking Facilities, Media Galleries & Stores with custom players and more. Our custom CMS is a very simple yet dynamic tool to ensure easy maintenance of websites in seconds. Our developers are working with PHP to provide affordable and secured open source solutions to your needs.

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Organic Web

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Our Services



We produce interactive presentations with the optimum use of audio and visual effects so as to establish a strong and engaging connect between a viewer and the product, leaving lasting impressions on the mind of the former.

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Documentary Films

We specialise in making documentary films that portray the era of the subject and the associated elements in a perfect fashion. The viewers are sure to feel being a part of the film that they watch!

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Websites & applications

Creating a web identity with us would always be rewarding! Making your footprints felt all over the web world with the help of virtual reality and aspects related to it would be memorable.



Museum Exhibits

Art is the heart and soul of the iKnowHow team. We lay special emphasis on various art forms and present it to you using the most amazing exhibits for museums.

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