History of Kashmir

Interactive documentary on the history of India
ClientGovt of India
CategoryInteractive Storyteller
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We provide Art Direction for the fashion industry, specifically related to digital content and concept generation. We can work with existing company creative teams.

Pre-independence stories

This film depicts the endeavour of merging of northern state with India after independence. By exploring and engaging with these visualizations the user will not only discover how the India was formed as independent states decieded to merge after independence – they experience a sense of understanding that situation and struggle to accede to newly formed India. This film has a flowing story, attractive visuals and engaging audio to mesmerise the audience.

Technology involved

Interactive documentaries and films are touchscreen based applications that require user interaction. These modules are compatible with any operating sytem, which gives it a wide accpetability. It is more often observed in a digital exhibition, unlike movie theatres, where the user cannot be kept involved with the storyteller. The interactive film is an innovative solution to this problem, where the user has to be active to know further and proceed with the storyline. Besides all these benefits, the film and the interactive part is multilingual, which mean language no bar for learning.


Concept development, design, development

We present to our viewers an artistic portrayal of the work of art. This film is based on state of the art programming, VFX, sound engineering and animation to show flow and interaction. Here the user can navigate through the story which has a dramatic backdrop and engaging sound and commentry.

Working on this interactive documentary was challanging as the subject matter was unique and sensitive. Historic maps, images and stories were interpreted, compared and finally narrated in this application.

The Challenge

A big part of our prep work involves a phase of discovery with every client we work with. We needed to know what pains Project was currently experiencing, as well as their goals and vision for an optimal outcome. Creating an emotional connection with an audience relies upon a solid foundation of research, intuition, experience and empathy. We leveraged the power of emotion through strong copy, use of color, social proof.

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